Use of Adobe Flash within education

Adobe Flash

This section of provides accessible and engaging guides to help students and staff make effective use of the Adobe Flash authoring tool. These guides are a combination of example files, .pdf help sheets and screencasts.

Flash iconFlash is a fantastic tool for teachers to create their own learning content, but it is an even better tool for students to create their own masterpieces. Our suggested use focuses on areas that the current ICT curriculum seems to lack - programming, innovation and creativity.

Flash enables all students to focus on higher level thinking and problem solving skills - the following mini-courses are designed to help students (of all ages!) get started on this exciting journey.

Do post any questions, comments or support requests in the Flash section of the forum.

You can also still access the older 'Flash training pages' and the 'Introduction to Flash' guide. I plan to integrate these into the modules below.

  • Step-by-step guidance to help you create a presentation from scratch - setup invisible buttons to act as hyperlinks and then create a template to develop further with your own multimedia resources.
  • Guidance to help you create your own advert for an upcoming disco - covers Frame-by-Frame animation, Shape Tweening and promotional text.
  • Module providing an introduction to Actionscript and how to create a quick true-false quiz by editing existing code. Covers Arrays and Variables, building confidence to delve deeper into Actionscript code.
  • Learn how to rotate a logo / graphic using the default Flash CS4 motion presets and a bit of tweaking. Ideal to form part of a larger project.
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  • Turn a poem into a Flash presentation - covers Motion Tweens and related animation effects including scaling, rotation, movement, easing and filter effects.
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  • This course has been created to provide suggestions and code extracts to slot into existing and developing games. Ideal for those who want to experiment.