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Site description

"It isn't about the technology, it is about the learning"

Adobe Educational LeaderThis site has been created to encourage the effective use of ICT (Information Communication Technology) within education.


Case studies & presentations

PresentationsIncludes 'Vision for ICT' (from Cambs BSF), 'Flash, SCORM & Moodle' (CambsMoodle), '40 ICT ideas in 40 minutes' (SSAT conference), 'ContentGenerator.net & transition (SSAT conference), 'ICT to improve learning' (Learning & Teaching conference).
  Discussion forum

Discussion forumIncludes emerging technologies, Adobe Flash, website and VLE creation (especially Moodle), together with general ICT questions and answers. Get involved!
Use of Adobe Flash in education

FlashExclusive collection of courses, training and source files to help learn Flash. Includes materials from the Neale-Wade Flash training day, our developing 'Learn Flash' Moodle course and video tutorials created to help students extend game-making skills.
  Ideas for ICT across the curriculum

20 ICT ideas in 20 minutesThe key resources from the Neale-Wade ICT training session - beginning with 20 ICT ideas we shared in just 20 minutes, then onto subsequent presentations and resources.
Web 2.0 & useful educational blogs

Web 2.0 and useful educational blogsWhat actually is Web 2.0? [forum discussion] together with sources of information and ideas - blogs of those interested in the effective use of computers within education.
  What is 'Effective ICT'?

Discussion forumOur interactive task to get you thinking about what the effective use of ICT really means. Brief overview accompanied by Flash exercise.

MoodleSee discussions about Moodle together with the Neale-Wade Moodle VLE. Have a look at CambsMoodle.org - collaborative group of Cambridgeshire schools exploring potential and utility of Moodle.
  Core skills - training for teachers

Training - skills in core programsIntroductory training for a range of software including: creating a website, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. Originally created for older versions of the software, but still very useful.