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MX 2004 versions

Neale-Wade FlashThis page provides MX 2004 (i.e. Flash 7) versions of the training materials that are provided on the main page.

Obviously there are many who aren't currently fortunate enough to have a newer version of the Flash authoring tool, which is the reason for this section. Flash 7 and Flash 8 files are relatively interchangable as both programs use Actionscript 2. I have done my best to remove the Flash 8 features of files and where this has been possible, the files are shown below. The only real changes are the loss of some presentation such as filters (drop-shadows and glows) together with other graphic features.

The two major sections of Actionscript code work perfectly in Flash 8 and Flash 7. As these training materials are developed further with the online guides (to help those who didn't actually attend the training day) I will post a separate page explaining this specific scripting.

Flash MX 2004 versions - see the main training page for Flash 8 versions.
Basic quiz
How to create a multi-choice quiz
Extended quiz
Developing the quiz further
Flash file
Finished file
Drag and drop
Creating a drag & drop activity
Drag and drop extended
Developing the concept further
Flash file
Finished file
.swf file
Countdown timer
A dynamic countdown
Spotlight tool
Investigate an image
Picture slideshows
Actually even a mini-website!
Flash file
Finished file
.swf file
Question & answer
Comprehension-style questions
Random card sorters
Plenary review activity
Definitions game
A random word definition game
Using .XML to power your work
Reusing your flash content

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